NEWGame 2017 Gamemaster Registration is now open!

Gamemaster registration is now open! The pre-order store will be open shortly, with plenty of new swag options!

Gamemastering or Pre-ordering not only gets you exclusive swag like last year, but all Gamemasters or pre-orders get FREE admission on Friday… What’s that? Friday? YES! Once again we are extending NEWGame into Friday! Friday will be a relaxed affair, with open gaming, some party games, maybe one or two scheduled event games hosted by staff members. This is the day for all of you who never find time for open gaming between all the scheduled goodness! Standard admission for Fridays is $5.00, but pre-ordering from our store gets you in FREE on Friday!

Keep an eye on the website for for information as it comes around, but don’t forget to mark your calendars for the 20TH-22TH of October!

Don’t forget, Gamemasters get discounted admission!

Pre-Order Store


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