Artemis – Starship Bridge Simulator

“Artemis” is a computer video game where the players assume bridge crew positions to pilot and command a starship. Players each take one of six roles – Captain, Engineer, Scientist, Helm, Communications, and Weapons control. The team works together in a cooperative effort to pilot a starship. The mission for the convention is the classic “Defend the Sector” mission, where you will attempt to stop an attack against your sector star bases.
The event is open to novice and veteran players alike. Difficulty level determined by the crew. Up to six players for each 55 minute time slot. 6 to 12 seats will be available per time slot.
There will be an additional cost of $1.00 for an Artemis sticker on your badge to participate in this special event. This small one-time fee gets you unlimited access to sign-up for as many Artemis time slots as you can fit in, but helps offset the cost of the specialized room.

Family Friendly room details are up and running!

While our entire convention is family friendly, and there are events appropriate for all different age categories, we felt it would be a benefit to feature a selection of events specifically geared towards families.

Come check out these specially selected games, running in a single designated area to make finding your family events quick and easy!

Family Friendly Game Room Schedule

This does not include all of the family friendly events on our schedule, but does highlight the events featured in our Family Friendly Gaming Room.

These games will fit into one of three specially designated tracks;

1) The Family Time track are a selection of games that have lighter rules, play in about an hour, have some luck to give new players a chance but enough strategy to keep everyone’s interest.  Each of these games are a perfect fit for your family game night.  Bring your family and give these games a try with them today.

2) The Teach It! Track is designed to help educators, parents, and homeschooler find fun games that teach various educational topics. This selection of games are ones that our family have used with great success.

3) The Kids Only track is designed to encourage kids to get to the game table. This selection of games were chosen as ones that kids enjoy and can easily play with each other. Send your kids over to learn these wonderful games or feel free to sit down to learn them yourself.


Pre-Order bonuses are running out!

Don’t forget to get your pre-orders in at the webstore! The exclusive items are running out, and they will not be re-ordered. The web store for pre-orders will be closing soon! (The store will remain open, but the pre-order content and discount will no longer be available)

Bonus: All pre-order packages will receive 10 extra door prize tickets! (Don’t worry if you have already pre-ordered, you will be included in this!)

Another bonus: You will be helping the convention. In addition to the exclusives, discounts, and extras you get, you will be helping us with the upfront costs of running this thing, as well as giving us a better idea of how many people we can expect. It’s Win-win-win!

Additions to the Pre-Order Store!

We have made a few additions to the web store.

We are now offering a GM Box package. Now those of you who have signed up for enough hours to earn free entry, can order the exclusive pre-order only t-shirts and dice.

We have also added a dice pack, with one of each other color available. The only way to ensure a complete set is to pre-order before any one color sells out!

Not only will pre-ordering grant you exclusive items, extra door prize tickets, and a way to spread out the costs of attendance, but you will be helping us unbox NEWGame 2013! And we all know how much fun it is to unbox new games!

Thanks again for your support!

Gamemaster discount changes and additional options!

There has been a slight change to the discount for running games. This was done to clear up confusion some people were having, and also allow for partial credit for those who want to work less hours than what would earn a free badge.

Note: Anyone who has already submitted events under the original discount plan, you will not see any impacting changes, and will be “grandfathered” in to the new arrangement without any action needed on your part. If you DO wish to change your events in light of these slight modifications, please contact me, and I will be happy to assist you!

(effective 9-19-2013)

4 hours of Gamemastery will get you a Sunday only pass.
6 hours of Gamemastery will get you a Saturday only pass.
10 hours of Gamemastery will get you a weekend pass.
8 hours of Gamemastery will get you a weekend pass, if at least one of your events is run on Sunday.

All other hours will be credited at $1.00 off per hour of Gamemastery. (Example: 3 hours of Gamemastery on Saturday grants you a $3.00 discount off of your entry badge.)

Also, we have added a $2.00 Visitor badge option, that will not cover any gaming events, but will grant access to the vendor areas and things. This has always been an option in the past, and has been requested again.