Game Auction

Auction Hours & Rules:

Lot drop-off: 9:00 am

Auction Opens: 11:00 am

Auction Closes: 4:00 pm

Buyer pickup by: 4:30 pm

Seller pay-out: 5:00 pm (Details of auction timing can be found below)

Auctions On Saturday & Sunday Only. Each day is unique for all purposes, no multiple day lots, etc. Lots that do not sell on Saturday, may be re-entered Sunday with a new lot fee.

Auction Rules:

There is a $1.00 entry fee per “lot” entered in each day’s  auction.  Each lot you enter may contain any amount of games or game-related material.   Lots are bid on and bought as a whole. You must fill out an entry/bidding form for each lot you enter. These forms can be downloaded and filled out in advance, or they will also be available at the convention registration desk. LIMIT OF 10 LOTS PER PERSON or as space allows. You must have a Player badge valid for the day of the auction in order to sell or bid in the Game Auction. Your player badge will have a unique identifier that will serve as your ‘bidding” number for the auction. All bids must be in whole dollar amounts. At any time during the auction, a buyer may pay the “Buyout Price” of a lot to the auction attendant and take the lot right away. CASH ONLY!NEWGameapalooza makes no profit off of auction sales. We only act as a conduit to link buyers and sellers. All lots are sold “as is” and all sales are final.

Details of Auction timing: 1. Sellers may drop off items for sale in the auction beginning at 9:00 am each day. 2. Auctions will begin at 11:00 am each day. No bids or buyouts may be made before the auction begins. 3. Auctions will end at 4:00 pm each day. 4. Buyers must pick up and pay for the lots they’ve won between 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm each day.   If the buyer does not pick up a lot by 4:30 pm, the lot will be sold to the next highest bidder. 5. Sellers can pick up unsold lots and payout for their sold lots beginning at 5:00 pm each day.