$5 Friday!

$5 Friday!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for $5 Friday! We are extending the fun for an extra day, but the only way to get in, is by pre-ordering your regular con package, or paying $5 at the door!

$5 Friday is a new tradition at NEWGame, and we think it went so well in 2014, that we have no choice but to do it again! Time to hang out, talk games, play games, maybe break-out a 6-hour long Twilight Emperium game, without worrying about making it to the auction before it closes, or misses the other scheduled events. Who needs to worry about scheduled game times? That’s a Saturday-Sunday problem friends… $5 dollar Friday is all about relaxing and enjoying the free time to do all the stuff you can’t do with a busy con schedule!

NEWGame staff will have some loose events planned, some party games, some large format versions of games you know and love, and just generally be on had to make sure everyone is having a fun time! Demos, Prizes, Giveaways, all the great parts of a con, but without the clock watching!

5 dollar….. 5 dollar FRIDAAAAAAAAY!

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